Spring 2024 ThinkBig! 

AI & Me: How Artificial Intelligence changes our word and our future

ThinkBig: AI & Me

Jump into the future with our "ThinkBig: AI & Me" event!

This event was a dive deep into how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our lives right now and what it might mean for our future.

This event was for anyone - whether you're super into tech, just starting to get curious about AI, or anywhere in between. 

About Think Big!

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education and Santa Cruz Works have partnered to provide Santa Cruz County educators and students the opportunity to participate in a series of exciting events that revolve around connecting your passions with the possibilities of the technology industry. These events are aimed at inspiring individuals to Think Big! when reaching for your dreams.   We encourage everyone looking to expand their awareness of the possibilities that exist in Santa Cruz County by joining these events.