Santa Cruz County High School Students

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Santa Cruz County students win 3rd place at MATE-ROV World Championship!

Congratulations to our Santa Cruz COE  X Academy Robotics team for their amazing 3rd place win at the MATE-ROV World Championship! The Haphaestus Robotics team competed with 39 teams from around the world in the Ranger division. It was an exciting adventure, filled with collaboration and enthusiasm! We are so proud of our Haphaestus team! 

We are incredible grateful to Tim Sylvester and Barb Meister, founders of the X Academy, for their vision, diligence, and support. Thank you to all the mentors and families who gave us their time, energy, and passion. And thank you to Dr. Faris Sabbah, and the team at Santa Cruz County Office of Education – Jason, Elizabeth, Heather, Crystal, Lilli and Scott -  for supporting the team!

Santa Cruz County students make waves at the MATE-ROV Regional Championship!

What an amazing day of creativity, innovation and perseverance! On May 4, students from schools across our county gathered to participate in the MATE-ROV Regional Robotics Championship, held at Watsonville High School. 

The MATE-ROV competition showcased young minds in the Monterey Bay region putting their problem-solving abilities and technological know-how to the test, designing and building Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to complete a series of underwater tasks.

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education (Santa Cruz COE) X Academy Robotics Clubs were a force to be reckoned with, with both teams achieving impressive results. Our Hephaestus Robotics team secured a remarkable 3rd place finish in the Ranger Class. This achievement earns them a coveted spot at the MATE ROV World Championship in Kingsport , Tennessee at the end of June, where they will compete against 40 of the top teams from around the world. Our Angry Otters team in the Navigator class demonstrated exceptional skill by taking 3rd place in their division.

The MATE-ROV Competition fosters technical skills and encourages teamwork, creativity, and a commitment to ocean science. These young robotics enthusiasts are shaping the future of marine exploration and sustainable development.

We send congratulations to all the teams for an impressive showing!

Why Robotics? 

AI, Robotics and automation are transforming industries across the globe. By exposing students to robotics at an early age, we equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the future job market. They develop problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, creativity, and technical skills that are highly sought after in fields such as engineering, computer science, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

Learn college and career readiness skills and work with like-minded peers and mentors!

Mentor Information  

Sign up to be a mentor and support one of our robotics teams! Our clubs will have the opportunity to competing in the MATE Underwater Robotics Competition. Each year 100s of teams from around the world build ROVs to complete a set of tasks that simulate real world ROVs - searching for ship wrecks, surveying and repairing coral reefs, maintaining underwater power lines and supporting aqua culture. 

Experience not required - just bring your growth mindset and encouraging attitude! 

Mentors and volunteers will be required to obtain fingerprint clearance.