Computer Science 

Education Week

December 4–10, 2023

What is CSEdWeek? 

Computer Science Education Week is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field. 

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CS Playground

December 5, 2023  |  4:30-6:30 pm  |  Watsonville High School  |  Free

December 7, 2023  |  4:30-6:30 pm  |  Santa Cruz MAH  |  Free

Computer Science is everywhere... come to our playgrounds and see what we mean! Learners of all ages are welcome to join us for an evening of hands-on computer science. There will be live demonstrations, hands-on activities and opportunities to interact with industry members and other passionate computer scientists. Pick one night or join them both!

Audience: community members, guardians, students K--8, educators, industry members

CS Playground Activities