Think Big! Series 

About Think Big!

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education and Santa Cruz Works have partnered to provide Santa Cruz County educators and students the opportunity to participate in a series of exciting events that revolve around connecting your passions with the possibilities of the technology industry. These events are aimed at inspiring individuals to Think Big! when reaching for your dreams.   We encourage everyone looking to expand their awareness of the possibilities that exist in Santa Cruz County by joining these events

Fall 2021 Event- Learn How to Build a Life You Love by Curating Your Curiosity!

Date - 10/14/2021

Time 4:30- 6:30 p.m.

This hybrid event will take place in collaboration with Digital Nest in Watsonville and at Cruzio Internet in Santa Cruz.  Food will be provided for In-person participants. Space will be limited for the in-person format so register early! *  All registered participants will have direct access to the live streaming event link. 

Presenter - Dave Evans

Dave Evans co-authored the NYT #1 bestseller - Designing Your Life and co-founded the Stanford Life Design Lab, which leads Stanford’s most popular elective and has trained nearly 300 universities worldwide on how to teach “life design”.  Dave is an entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran.  He led the introduction of Apple Computer’s first mouse and laser printers, was a co-founder of Electronics Arts, and consulted dozens of startups over three decades

Event Details

During this two-hour FREE event, Dave Evans will introduce students (grades 7-12) and educators on how to utilize the Design Thinking Process to plan your future.  As students progress through their K-12 education, the challenge of deciding on a career path and how to get there can be overwhelming. Dave Evans will help students figure out what they want to be next by “calibrating your compass” through the adoption of the six Design Thinking mindsets and his simple four-step life design process.  By using these problem-solving skills, students will be able to face challenges with a readily doable approach that has helped hundreds of thousands of people already. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the Designing Thinking process and ask questions about how it can be applied to their own life journeys.  

During the last 30 minutes of the event, dynamic local Santa Cruz technology leaders will join in and share how they approached their career path decisions and why reflection at an early age can be powerful.

If you cannot receive outside mail from your school account please use a personal email or ask your parent/guardian to register for you. 

Dave Evans