Cybersecurity and Networking Career Pathway

Cybersecurity and Networking Career Pathway 

The  Cybersecurity and Networking Career Pathway is one of the four pillars within the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) California Career Technical Education (CTE) model.  This pathway will introduce students to the foundational concepts of Informational Technology (IT), Computer Networking across systems,  and the growing need for Cybersecurity expertise.   As the use and application of technology grows exponentially every year, the need for experienced professionals will continue to increase.  The Cybersecurity and Networking Career Pathway courses are intended for students that have never considered a career in Information and Communication Technologies, as well as those that are already actively  interested.  

Cybersecurity/Networking Pathway Schedule of Courses

CIS 71: IT Essentials - One Year

CIS 75: Fundamentals of Computer Security - One Semester

CIS 81: Computer Network Fundamentals - One Semester  

Internship Program - One Semester

What can students expect by participating in this program?

We encourage all students with a passion for cyber and tech to participate in our ICT Cybersecurity Pathway, either to prepare for a career in Tech, or to simply expand their expertise. 

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