Student Tech Support Club

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education is looking for middle school and high school leaders to facilitate our new Student Tech Support Clubs!

This new club will provide students to learn about computer networking across multiple systems, computer services and software, technical troubleshooting, and information and communication administration. Club members will have the opportunity to earn various specialized technical badges in hardware, software and apps, and web development while applying these newly learned skills on real live projects in partnership with your school site’s Technology team.

As a lead for this program, the Santa Cruz County Office will provide the following:

  • Flexibility of offering STS club at lunch or after school with paid stipend included for site lead!

  • Santa Cruz COE support with program development, curriculum and marketing

  • Access to student tech service resources, tools and support

  • Opportunity for students at the middle and high school level to learn tech support career skills and services learning

  • Access to increased technical support for teachers and staff through student tech teams.

  • Support of IT Directors throughout the county

What your role will include:

  • Market and recruit to students

  • Integrate tech support curriculum into club meetings

  • Development of a Student Tech Support Page that includes tutorial as requested for site needs

  • Mentor and encourage students to work towards hardware, software, and web Development badges

  • Work with district IT Team to develop student help desk ticket system and projects deemed appropriate

  • Work with the Santa Cruz COE to future develop and recommend program growth