Curriculum Resources

Grades K-5

The CS and IT Education Week Team has complied resources to help our educators and families successfully participate in the Hour of Code™ and beyond. We have included a wide variety of free resources along with our team's recommendations to get you started. Let's start programming !

K- 5 Choice Boards

CSEdWeek Choice Boards 2021

K- 5 Suggested Resources and Activities

K-2 Resources

Scratch Junior

Scratch Junior provides activities that are aligned with grades K-2.

What is Coding (Videos)

Search Learning Resources


The Tree Problem

Creature Powers

CS and IT Education Non- Computer or Device Resources

How to Introduce Computational Thinking

Graph Paper Programming

“The 'Hour of Code™'/'Hora del Código®' is a global initiative by Computer Science Education Week [] and [] to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.”