How Courses Work-Information Support and Services Pathway

How it works

One of the many benefits of the Information and Communication Technologies Network Career Pathway is the opportunity for high school students to earn college credit through our articulated and dual enrollment courses. These ICT courses provide a starting point for students that are new or curious about Information Support and Services careers, as well as those that are already interested in a future career in this technology industry.

Students will start their Information Support and Service Pathway by taking a year-long introductory articulated course. Once students successfully complete this course, they will progress to Cabrillo College’s semester dual enrollment courses for their second year.

Through our partnership with Cabrillo College, students will have the opportunity to earn college credit as a high school student throughout the entire career pathway progression. With our proud partnerships with local companies, Cruzio and Digital Nest, as well as our dedicated instructors, students will have access to a wealth of support.

Articulated Course

IT Essentials - One Year

All students in the Information and Communication Technologies Pathways start by taking the year long CIS-71 IT Essentials course. This course is fully aligned with Cabrillo College, and will provide students the opportunity for college credit. Students who complete the course with a grade of “B or better/80%” and receive a recommendation from their high school instructor are eligible to receive 4 units of CIS-71 with the grade received in the high school course, and notated as “credit by exam” on a Cabrillo College transcript. Students interested in continuing the Information Support and Services Pathway will take the CIS-103 and CIS-194 semester courses as a dual enrollment student the following year.

Dual Enrollment Courses- (starting Fall 2023)

CIS-103: Technical Support as a Profession - One Semester

CIS-194: Microsoft Windows Client Administration - One Semester

Internship Program - One Semester

Students selecting the dual enrollment program will take advantage of Cabrillo College instruction at either one of two locations within Santa Cruz and/or Watsonville. These semester long courses are college paced and offered through Cabrillo College. When a student is in a dual enrollment program, they are enrolled in courses as a Cabrillo College student, while also attending their high school. As long as outlined requirements are met, a student will have an opportunity to earn both credit at the high school and community college.

Additional information concerning Dual Enrollment and Articulated Courses with Cabrillo College

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