Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the courses begin?

  • The Cybersecurity and Networking Pathway and the Information Support and Services Pathway open for 2023-24 registration in April 2023.

  1. How do I sign up for the courses?

  • Student are encouraged to complete the "CTE Student Interest Form". The Santa Cruz County Office will work with your school site to schedule your classes for the next school year.

  1. Will I take these courses at my school?

  • The courses will at high schools and partner locations across the county. Based on location, students will have the opportunity to take courses in Santa Cruz or Watsonville.

  1. Do students need their own computer and internet access in order to take the course?

  • Students should bring a laptop with them to class. ChromeBooks can be provided if needed. All course materials will be provided, including digital or hardcopy textbook, and all lab materials.

  1. Will I get high school credit even though it is not at my high school?

  • Yes - all courses taught are led by either a high school or college instructor. With successful completion of the course, you will receive credit.

  1. What is the difference between an articulated course and a dual enrollment course?

  • Students interested in a more exploratory approach to the Network Pathway courses have the option to take the one year IT Essential course. This course will provide the same content as the CIS-71 IT Essentials semester course, but will be paced over the duration of a year.

  • Students selecting the dual enrollment program will take advantage of Cabrillo College instruction at either one of two locations within North County and South County Santa Cruz. These one-semester courses are college paced and are fully aligned with Cabrillo College. When a student is in a dual enrollment program, they are enrolled in both their high school and the community college.

  • Additional information is available through Cabrillo College by going to:

  1. Does the opportunity for college credit apply to both the articulated course and dual enrollment courses?

  • Yes - As long as outlined requirements are met, a student will have an opportunity to earn both credit at the high school and community college.

  1. Do student have to make a decision on either the Cybersecurity/Networking Pathway or Technology Support and Services before enrolling during the first year?

  • No- Students will have the opportunity to make a decision on either Cybersecurity/Networking Pathway or Technology Support near the end of the first year of the IT Essentials course.

  1. What other benefits will there be in participating in this program?

  • Along with building the skills to a potential career in networking and cybersecurity, students will have access to mentors, internships, industry guest speakers, free tech webinars and cyber camps, and coding events. Most of all, students will have fun!

  1. I still need more information, who do I contact?

You are welcome to email the K-12 Computer Science Initiative Coordinator at